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четверг, 20 сентября 2012 г.

Understanding by other people for me is ...

Understanding by other people for me is extremely important, but frankly speaking I never met anyone who can understand me completely. People tend to imagine their own things when they hear others, without paying much heed to what exactly the person they are talking to meant to say.

Actually I started noticing the same thing in myself either. I hear someone's reasoning and start developing my thoughts around it. Only later from time to time I can realize that he or she actually meant something completely different, that all that conversation was a complete misunderstanding.

It's sad that there is practically no way to fix this flaw of modern society...


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My parents are great because they love m...

My parents are great because they love me. They care when something happens in my life. They always do whatever it takes to make me feel better if something went wrong. They are always there for me when I need some assistance.

And I love them as much in return! I pledge to return the favor when they will become older and retire. To care, to make them feel better, to be there when they will need me.


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среда, 19 сентября 2012 г.

I want to lose weight, help!!!Hey everyo...

I want to lose weight, help!!!

Hey everyone, I got fatter after I gave birth to my girl. Already year and a half passed but I am nowhere close to the weight I had before being pregnant. I am 5 feet high and my current weight is about 130 pounds. Before it was about 110, but it'd be better if I were below 100...

Feel myself really fat, can't get into most of my cloths. I don't eat much, but when husband comes from work I join him at dinner.

Please, help me! Share some advice on what to eat to become slim again. I want to return to my old weight in like 2-3 months. Can't live like this any longer, my belly is almost as large as when I was pregnant, so horrible...


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The best way to make a child obedient is...

The best way to make a child obedient is to begin with a codified set of values, and resist deviating from them, and to live by the same standards that you expect the children to follow. They will learn from your example, only if they see that you honestly believe what you are teaching them.


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вторник, 11 сентября 2012 г.

Jaipur City is also known as the name of...

Jaipur City is also known as the name of Pink City of India. This city is mainly famous for its Forts & Palaces, which are hold in all mystery of Emperors in own walls. Jaipur city is a part of famous tour package of India, that's name is Golden Triangle Tour, which is gives a best opportunity to know all about the mystery of Jaipur City.


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суббота, 8 сентября 2012 г.

Recently I heard that already this year,...

Recently I heard that already this year, closer to winter, major manufacturers like Sony will start producing TVs with new standard called 4K. They gonna have resolution 4 times (!) higher than current Full HD ones.

I don't know when broadcasting or movies in this resolution will start to show up, probably in early 2013. And seems like some new form of Blu Ray disks will have to be used. But I can't wait to see such picture with my own eyes!

It gonna be even more amazing than Apple's Retina Displays in mobile electronics! Because it will be gigantic TV sets like 84" or even more. Not some tiny pocket size iPhone or iPad, but with same or even better picture quality.

No doubt such TVs and related equipment will be really pricey at first, but it will be worth every penny for sure!


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Understanding by other people for me who...

Understanding by other people for me who can share his up & downs with me as well as I can. Notice my intensity of thoughts, identify my differentiations and also capable to handle my mistakes -:) That's call Understanding !


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среда, 5 сентября 2012 г.

Action movies are the best because of th...

Action movies are the best because of their cool effects and super heroes. I always imagine that I could become a man who will change the world some day, just like in action movies!


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вторник, 4 сентября 2012 г.

The main thing that distinguishes a succ...

The main thing that distinguishes a successful man is his posture. If man is not proud of his achievements he will never walk straight and look far beyond horizon.

Unsuccessful people on the other hand tend to have limp shoulders and look right in front of their feet.

That's it!


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суббота, 1 сентября 2012 г.

My parents are great because they are al...

My parents are great because they are always there if I need their help. Plus they never push it too hard when I actually don't need it. I think this balance is essential to call parents good enough.

It's not the only thing that counts though :)


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My computer should be capable of allowin...

My computer should be capable of allowing me to work without any issues. Just work. Plain and simple. It's nothing extraordinary: email, office documents and sometimes a bit of search.

Still my computer fails me one way or another quite often...


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