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I'd like to share one of the moments in ...

I'd like to share one of the moments in my life I think I'll remember forever. Two years ago, during the summer, I was in vacations in Scotland for 3 weeks in Aberdeen. I spent a lot of time alone as I was in a family's friend, who was working all day. I managed to get busy in the town, had a volunteer job but just for a few days in the week.

Well, one day, I decided to go to Stoneheaven (a little city not far from Aberdeen, on the coast), because I had been there a few years before and enjoyed it. So I went there, with no maps, and walked along the beach, smoking cigarettes and eating fries. Then I saw a sign saying there were a castle (Dunnotar Castle) not far away. I was bored and it was early, so I went there, after asking nice typical scottish old men in the street (whom I could barely understand because of their accent, -I am a young french woman-).

It was a bit rainy, and I'm terrified of worms, but I really wanted to go there. So I went by the path in the country, going un on a hill (so I could see Stoneheaven from the top). There was no one around. I was walking on the coast, just next to cliffs I have never saw before. The sea was dark and moving. There was sometimes some flashy ships (those for the oil industry). As I was following the path, which was a long way, I was a bit worried because I couldn't see the castle, but the place was so beautiful I wanted to cry from emotion. I saw the castle then, I'd never seen one like that before (real ruin, in the middle of nature, on a huge cliff by the sea). There was more and more people around, from different countries. Old people eating good things and drinking beers.

I went to the castle, I spent a long time there to be sure I'd see everything in it. It was great.

The memory of walking to the Dunnotar Castle is one of the most moving things I remember for now. I wish I will return there when I'll be older to feel it again.


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